48% of girls saying getting sweaty is not feminine. Be proud of your sweat. Be in the 52%

Let me introduce myself…

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I’ve never been the fittest person. I like wine too much and have a penchant for eating vast quantities of food. The fitness and exercise industry is often full of these seemingly perfect specimens, people who say things like “I don’t like the taste of alcohol” (WHAT!?! let me introduce you to wine…) are in possession of sculpted abs and who seem to never get tired or demotivated or have an ‘off’ day. Whilst I do not belong to the upper echelons of the uber disciplined (my stomach alone is testament to that) I have my found myself a member of a more unique club and one with easier joining rules – me, but fitter.

Ten years ago I was 24 and I shudder to think of what put my body through. Ten pints? No problem. Fried chicken for dinner? Yes please. I didn’t exercise in the slightest but every now and then I’d don my Nike leggings and attempt to run around the block, giving up heaving and exhausted after about 5 minutes. Nope, I just wasn’t built for fitness I’d say to myself. Best sit down and watch Holby City to recover.

Today a short run would be 30 mins and running for an hour or four is no biggie. I have also taught myself to push the limits. I used to be uncomfortable with any kind of pain or discomfort but now I know my body and what it can handle, and as a result of this I have become to accustomed to achieving things I thought unlikely by employing that old mind over matter thing. I still go out and get absolutely trollied once in a while, I still skive off the gym or decide to have a lie in, but more often than not I do head out to get my sweat on because I know I will feel so much better for it.

I’m not an industry professional, I’m just someone who found a way to get fitter and stay fitter. I get asked by people who know me (and some I don’t) how I did it, so SEE MY SWEAT will give my answers from food to workouts, motivations to new goals. They won’t work for everyone, but they worked for me.

Oh god, maybe I am one of those people…

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